Fort Zancudo

How to get Into Fort Zancudo.

There are two ways to get into Fort Zancudo air base. A fast car from the highway from the north, turning to the right before the tunnel, speeding up the hill and over the fence.

Or better yet, use a parachute and land at the green arrow at the foot of the control tower. Remember to call Lester and order “Cops turn blind eye”. This will make it easier to survive.

And the updated version: Buying a hangar at Fort Zancudo will get you free access to the base!


Land in front of the low building to the right of the tower at the green arrow.


Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo

Go right ahead. It is the door under the little lamp. But hurry! They will shoot you at first sight!


And a view from the control tower. Be careful – there are guards in some of the rooms!



See here how it’s done. Remember to call Lester and order “Cobs turn blind eye!”


How to Get Into Fort Zancudo