Crime Scenester

Crime Scenester

Crime Scenester is a nice job if you do it right!

It is virtually impossible to do it on PC without a Kuruma. I have seen one using a controller with aim assist and almost no cops do it. But I have done this job more than 100 times and the place is crowded with cops no matter which approach we take.

So the natural thing to do is use a Kuruma!

Enter the Crime Scene here:

And BEFORE you go to the white van straight ahead, you take out all the cops near the van. There is one in front of the van and the most dangerous one is him who is at th back of the van, where the money bag is. Take out the cops and agents behind the container and the black car to the right and a few cops will come running. Take them out too. If you are fast,m wear armor and has full life you only have to take the in the front of the van and the guy behind it and those who hide behind the black car to the right. If you are low level take them all because you will get shot at!

Crime Sceneseter Pick Up Bag


The money scheme for Crime Scenester:

Which indicates a sweet spot right about the three minute mark. That means doing 5 missions each 3 minutes ideally pays $36,000 instead of one mission lasting 15 minutes giving only $19,200. OK more realistic – if we take out one minute between missions you can do 4 at three minutes which pays $28,800.