Best ways to Make Money in GTA Online

It is not hard to make money in GTA Online. You actually only need two things:

  1. A proven system that works.You will get this system in this book.
  2. Perseverance.

You will to some degree have to do the same things over and over and this can be boring. In this book I will show you ways that will make it less boring. But repetition tends to be boring.

This manual is (almost) based on you doing everything alone. This way you are not dependent on any one to help you deliver. This does not mean you can’t use your friends. Of course you can! For some supply jobs it is much faster if you use friends.
Making money doing contact missions will pay more with max. players.

But selling stuff with people you don’t know can be risky.

This is called grinding! And the thing is that you do not have to grind all the time. Decide to use some time once in a while dedicated to ONLY making money. This means finding open sessions with friends or open sessions where you are alone.
If you find a session with only a few players chances are they are doing some work where they do not want to be interrupted by serial killers.

Switch sessions a few times until you find one with not too many players. Write in the chat that you are peaceful and want to do some work with minimum risk of being whacked by K/D hunters. Chat with people because it is much harder for them to
attack you after a chat. Of course, there are idiots out there. Most of them seem to be attracted to GTA…

Offer your help to people during the session and ask if they will help you if you need it. You will also get a lot of friends this way which will benefit you when you are going to sell your stuff and find peaceful sessions.

All Nightclubwork except for selling can be done in invite-only sessions.

You can create your own crew and invite people from this when needed. If you have a large crew you can arrange to fill up a session with friends once or twice a week and thus make it a free room for everybody in your crew to sell stuff.

Completely new to GTA

If you are new to GTA you can’t really do the same things as if you are established with your businesses.

The very first thing you should do is:
1. Sign up to Rockstar’s Newsletter on Social Club. It is often rewarded. I got 200.000K.
2. If this is still valid enable 2-step verification in Social Club:
3. The Golden Double Action Revolver and 50 headshots. This will pay 250.000 dollars. (You will get a mail and a notification).
4. The stone hatchet challenge. This will also pay 250.000 dollars.
5. Collect 54 Playing Cards. 100 chips (100$) each and a lot of RP.
6. Destroy all 50 Signal Jammers. $150.000 and 50.000 RP.
7. Find 100 Action figures. $150.000 and 100.000 RP and Impotent Rage outfit. After this, you can buy a high-end apartment. At Del Perro, they cost close to 200.000 and when you own it Lester will call you for the Fleeca job. Del Perro is a great place because you can have office, apartments, garages, Nightclub and Arcade very close to each other. But if you want to do Fleeca
Elite you need a hi-end apartment close to Lesters Factory. You can also do VIP jobs and Contact missions (Pausemenu/Jobs/Play Job/Rockstar Created/Missions) to get money for the Kuruma.
8. Buy the Kuruma after the Fleeca job! This is one of the most versatile cars in GTA and you will need it! You don’t have to upgrade it right away.
9. Do all the Lester heists (Pacific Standard) – in order! $1.000.000. When you start this series of jobs starting with Fleeca DO NOT DO ANY OTHER HEIST SETUPS OR JOBS AT THE SAME TIME! Complete the jobs you get from Lester, A14 and Trevor in the order you get them!! This way you will unlock the ALL IN ORDER BONUS of 1 million dollars! You can fail all you want when doing the jobs BUT you have to take them ALL in order. EVERY TIME YOU DO A JOB CHECK YOUR PROGRESS IN THE PAUSE MENU/STATS/AWARDS!

Fleeca (unlocks the Kuruma which is a MUST to own)
Prison Break
Humane Labs
Series A
Pacific Standard

After doing The All In Order Challenge you can pick the hardest jobs and do them until you know how to survive and prepare yourself for The Criminal Mastermind challenge later on. That’s a 10.000.000 million reward! See it here and prepare yourself!

You can follow a successful GTA startup here:
From level 1-120 in 14 days.

The Best Businesses

In this section, the businesses in GTA are listed. The most profitable first.

1. Rockstar Newswire
FIRST OF ALL, keep an eye on Rockstar Newswire. Every week Rockstar will announce new discounts and a series of jobs that will bring in double dollars and double RP.
Buy your cars, weapons, offices, clubs and apartments with a huge discount and do new double-dollar jobs every week.

2. Vehicle Import/Export.
Selling stolen cars means owning a vehicle warehouse. They are very inexpensive and you do not pay fees or rent every hour!

The trick to making serious money is to fill your warehouse with 12 low-end cars and 12 mid-range cars. GTA will always try to give you cars that you do not have in your warehouse so when you have these low/mid-range 24 cars, GTA will give you a High-end car every time. Make sure you have NO duplicates. Sell them or destroy them if you have. Make sure you do not have more than 32 cars as you will begin to get duplicates and that makes things go more random. This means only store eight Top
Range cars in your garage.

The ideal situation is to source your cars in public sessions with no other players or with players you know won’t blow you up. Go in with your Kuruma and take the driver out with your AP pistol or if you are good at using a Cargobob you can simply
lift it up and drop it at your warehouse. It is very hard not to take any damage, so accept a few thousand dollars loss. You can park the Cargobob outside your garage ready for use.

The ideal situation to sell your car is to have only one friend outside your organisation in the session. If you sell cars in an empty session, you will get attacked by NPCs which will damage your car and lower its value. Selling in a peaceful
session will give you 80.000 GTA $ in less than 5 minutes. The very second you get a wanted level, call Lester!

If you have three friends and sell four top-range cars in total in one sale, the cooldown is 48 minutes so selling with friends means a higher payout. After selling one car there is a 20-minute cooldown before you can do the next sale. Use this time to do a VIP mission – Headhunter, Sightseer or Piracy Prevention on your yacht. These can be done in an invite-only session so you won’t get attacked. You also need to switch sessions within 48 minutes to save yourself from a ton of fees (more on this later).

3. Gunrunning – bunker.
If you buy supply (75K) and wait 3 hours and 40 minutes, you can sell this in LS for 240.000. Gunrunning is fabulous if RS runs double dollar on the sales! Don’t use time doing supply runs. They can be fun and if you do always use a buzzard/Deluxo or your Kuruma – depending on the job. Don’t use the vehicles A14 give you! They are only meant to make you fail epically!

4. Nightclub.
Owning a nightclub, hangar, bunker and all five biker businesses will set you back approximately 8-10 million dollars depending on upgrades. There is NO WAY I would use the biker business to make money UNLESS it is through the Nightclub! In my opinion it simply pays way too little compared to all the other businesses and it is a waste of time. I would not even do MC businesses when RS offers double $ on the sales!

After the Nightclub DLC I bought the five biker businesses WITHOUT ANY KIND OF UPGRADES!! I don’t waste my time selling Biker stuff!!! It pays way too little.

When you sell from your Nightclub always sell MORE than 1 million. Tony only get 10% of the first million. The rest is yours! But on the other hand, your nightclub techs will stop working one by one when the stores get filled. This means they are less
effective so I usually do not wait until the NC is totally full before I sell. I always assign techs to the first 5 stores because the hangar and the bunker are the slowest to fill. Always keep an eye on the stores and reassign techs when stores are full.

I do not do the popularity missions. It is not worth the time BUT if you don’t have anything other to do then place your character on the dancefloor and dance for 15 minutes while you are doing your daily stuff. This will fill HALF the popularity bar and you will make a small but very easy passive income in the next hours. Otherwise don’t waste time on popularity.
From 1-90 crates you will get the Speedo.
From 91 to 180 crates you will get the Mule
From 181 to 270 crates you will get the pounder.

5. Cayo Perico.
The CP is one of the best-paying heists. As soon as you can afford it buy the submarine and kick off the Cayo Perico Heist. When you get familiar with this heist you can make 800.000 – 1.000.000 every 2 hours! It is a tough job and you need to learn how to do it silently!

6. Save Your Money!
Saving money in GTA Online is vital! Much more important than you would believe!! You probably have seen these:
The price for playing GTA is:
Every 48 minutes you will pay fees, cleaning, garages, office, yacht and nightclub.
The fees will vary depending on upgrades:
Standard fees you just have to pay every 48 minutes:

  • Nightclub: 1.000 – 1.900 pr. GTA day (48 minutes).
  • Properties and utilities: 1.500 – 3.000 pr. GTA Day.
  • Mechanic: 50 $ pr garage. Typical 400 – 650 pr. GTA day.

If you are registered CEO you will in addition pay:Bunker:

  • 9.400 pr. GTA day.

If you are registered MC you will in addition pay:

  • Document forgery 3.000
  • Weed Farm 4.800
  • Meth Lab 7.200
  • Counterfeit Cash 6.000
  • Cocaine Lockup 9.000

Total 30.000 GTA $ pr. GTA day.

This means you pay insanely much money just for playing GTA! The way to avoid this is to switch sessions every 45 minutes. Then you play GTA for FREE! If you do contact missions it counts as a session switch. This means you can play contact missions for 10 hours straight without paying any fees.

One time businesses
These are jobs that only can be done once but they pay well.
1. Stonehatchet. Pays 250.000$ if you do 50 kills on NPC’swith the Stone hatchet.
2. Golden gun. Pays 250.000$ if you do 50 headshots on NPCs with it.
3. All In Order. Pays 1.00.000 $ if you do the jobs Fleeca, Prison Break, Humane Labs, Series A & Pacific Standard in order!
4. Criminal Mastermind. CM can bring in 10-12 million dollars but I would NOT recommend starting with this! You simply won’t make it. Instead, do all the heists 1 or more times to get used to them and find out how to survive. Do the CM when you KNOW that you and your team can survive every single job!

See the Criminal Mastermind Finale here.