How to do The Prison Break


Steal an Airplane at McKenzie Airfield.

If you have a Kuruma this will help a lot! You have to take out a lot of enemies at the airfield. They will come in waves. When you have cleared all except for 3-4 enemies, drive the Kuruma to the hangar and the pilot steps out. The Kuruma now have to clear the strip for cars as the Vagos will park there to prevent the plane to take off.

If some one, preferrably with heavy armor can take the cars out with an RPG that is also fine.

When the plane has left players in the Kuruma can continue to shoot them – but they have to stay alive until the plane lands in LSIA. So stay in the Kuruma.




If you are on the Cargo team without any armor, climb the containers next to the ship and take out the visible enemies with a sniper rifle. Then board the ship and be prepared to step aside between the containers on board to eat snacks and put on armor.