How to do The Fleeca Job.


The Fleeca Job is the first job in the series and will set you back $11.500 but after this your Kuruma will be unlocked and you can buy it at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

The Kuruma is one of the most important vehicles in GTA online and it is a must have!

Go into the planning room in your hi-end apartment and take a look at your info board. Chose the Fleeca Job. Lester will also send you a message.


1. Scope Out.

This job is very easy so you can set Difficulty to Hard. Don’t buy armor and don’t buy ammo. Set  Cameralock to None. No weapons – do not shoot at all.

Then send out a bunch of invites. And when the job starts you can skip the video (if you are familiar with the job) by pressing the space bar.

The setup requires 1 driver and 1 hacker and you will all go in Lesters car. He will guide you when you drive (follow the GPS in the radar). First go to the Fleeca Bank.

Next go to Lesters office.

While driving the hacker in the passenger seat has to do three hacks – just follow the instructions on the screen using the arrow keys:


After finishing the job Lester invites you by sending a message on your phone to this:


2. Fleeca Job – Kuruma

Accept the job on your phone or go into your planning room and start the job. Press E to start heist.

  1. Select Player Saved Outfits.
  2. Buy ammo.
  3. Buy extra heavy armor – just a precaution if you are bad with guns and new to GTA.

Go to parking lot, take out the enemies on the top floor and get the Kuruma and drive it to Lesters factory. If you are smart you ask a friend with a Kuruma to do this job. Then you can take out the bad guys from the comfort of the Kuruma nice and easy. If you don’t have a Kuruma just hide behind some of the cars. It’s not that dangerous.

And drive carefully. The game will deduct your payout with $300 each time you bump into something!


3. The Fleeca Job Finale

Accept the job on your phone or go into your planning room and start the job. Press E to start heist. You will see an intro video explaining everything.

You don’t need extra armor.

You can trip skip to the bank. That will cost you $4000 and you have to run in the same car.

Press ‘G’ to wear a mask.

Take out two cameras outside the bank and four inside and keep shooting to intimidate the customers in the bank. Check the yellow intimidation bar in the lower right.

The Hacker goes to the basement and the driver shoots at everything except the hostages.

When the job is over drive away in the Kuruma (follow the GPS) and on the bridge you carefully and precisely drive under the helicopter where the magnet will lift you up and the escape is done!


When the job is done you will find yourselves at the Tequi-La-La bar drinking beer. The Kuruma will be unlocked and you can now buy it at Southern San Andreas Super Autos (go on the Internet from your phone).